If anyone had suggested this time last year that I would have voluntarily left my job at CAP (which I enjoyed immensely) to start up a new venture of my own I would have questioned their sanity and politely suggested that the concept was ridiculous. It just goes to show that you really don’t know what’s around the corner. Purely personal issues somewhat forced my hand early this year and I had to make the difficult decision to leave full time paid employment and explore other avenues to keep me busy and from under the feet of everyone else at home. A number of friends from both within and away from the industry suggested that a venture such as this might be the way forward, so, here I am!

Yesterday was essentially launch day. Although I’m not in a position (should I be fortunate enough to get it) to accept a huge amount of work right now I was anxious to get the ball rolling prior to the CV show later this month. At this point I really need to publicly thank my future son in law Jason, a full time web developer who has spent a good few hours of his own time getting this site up and running, and teaching me how to mess with stuff at the back end so I don’t keep bothering him every time I notice yet another catastrophic spelling or grammatical error of my own making. So thanks again Jason, you’re a star. A blitzing of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn meant that we ended the day with 1800 page views and a lot of my friends and acquaintances being bored senseless by my carpet bombing of their social media timelines. A good start, and much more than I could have hoped for. I’m now in danger of my life being taken over by website analytics…

Moving forward – a bit of marketing, on a slow burning basis initially and see what doors open (or become slightly ajar, just enough to put my foot in and stop it from closing again (once a salesman…)).


Thanks for reading!