Road Test and Review – Volkswagen Transporter T6.1

8th March 2020 | Road Tests and Reviews

Background and introduction With the development of new models from the combined resources of Ford and Volkswagen well underway, we are now in the twilight phase of facelifts being released from both manufacturers as solo efforts. Whilst details of how the joint venture will work in practice are still sketchy, at the medium sector level…

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WhatVan? Used van market review 2019

20th February 2020 | General

Here’s a link to my ‘WhatVan? review of the used van market in 2019 and the outlook for the year ahead…

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Road Test and Review – Ford Ranger Raptor

16th February 2020 | Road Tests and Reviews

How do you improve on something which, in many territories, is a market leader? How do you raise the profile so that the vehicle turns heads in a way that the current one, probably due to familiarity, does not? And, how do you make it perform better, without just putting a more powerful engine under…

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Road Test and Review – Isuzu D-Max XTR

7th February 2020 | Road Tests and Reviews

Since its launch back in 2012 replacing the Rodeo, the Isuzu D-Max has achieved huge success, particularly with the agricultural community. A frequent sight in rural areas often towing livestock trailers or other farm equipment, its reputation for being tough and no-nonsense has made it the go to choice in this sector. Although with perhaps…

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