Peugeot e-Partner Review

30th November 2022 | Road Tests and Reviews

The Partner, together with its Stellantis siblings from Citroen, Fiat and Vauxhall has enjoyed continued success in the UK light van sector, even though this segment has suffered in recent years with a general decline in the numbers sold. Now, with the company embracing the inevitable move over to zero emission vehicles, the fully electric…

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Ford E-Transit Review

16th November 2022 | Road Tests and Reviews

Although Ford Pro has been a little slow in getting off the mark with electric commercial vehicles, the announcement of a forthcoming E-Transit, an all electric version of its best selling ‘2 tonne’ large van in the autumn of 2020 took the van world by surprise. Not with its timing, but by the combination of…

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Renault Kangoo Review 2022MY

11th October 2022 | Road Tests and Reviews

Registrations in the light van sector have been in decline in the UK in recent times, but thriving in an otherwise quiet segment have been the Combo / Berlingo / Partner offerings from the Stellantis group. Renault’s recently launched all new Kangoo van could be about to change that. I’ve recently spent a week with…

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Toyota Proace Electric Review

19th August 2022 | Road Tests and Reviews

The move to pure electric vans is moving apace, and no more so than in the medium van sector. Most manufacturers now have something to offer, even Ford which has been particularly slow to the party recently announcing details of the upcoming E-Transit Custom, something that has been eagerly awaited by many. Stellantis, with their…

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Toyota Corolla Commercial Review

31st July 2022 | Road Tests and Reviews

Epitomised by the hugely successful Vauxhall Astra van, the number of CDV’s available on the UK market dwindled to almost zero when Ford, which has changed its mind on a number of occasions, finally signalled the end of the Fiesta van recently after the latest update of the passenger car saw the vehicle only being…

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Renault Trafic Review

30th June 2022 | Road Tests and Reviews

The Renault Trafic has been around for quite a while. First introduced in 2014, the van was until 2019 also marketed by Vauxhall before the British manufacturer, under the umbrella of what was formally known as PSA (now Stellantis) adopted the newer design of van for Vivaro, also sold under the company’s other brand identities.…

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