The used van market in 2017 and the prospects for next year…

20th November 2017 | General

Here’s a link to my latest feature in ‘WhatVan?’ magazine where I take a look at the used van market this year, and the prospects for 2018. In particular, I ask industry experts why the volume of defleeted vehicles in the auction halls is failing to reach the levels predicted due to the stratospheric level…

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Is used becoming the new ‘new?

5th September 2017 | General

Here’s a feature in WhatVan? magazine where I ask if economic uncertainty is leading traditional new van buyers to consider buying used… 

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Electric roadways – Nirvana for the EV industry?

10th July 2017 | General

Could electric roadways be the future for EV’s, or is the idea an expensive and unrealistic non-starter? I look at the progress being made in developing a solution to range anxiety… Link:

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Road Test and Review – Fiat Talento Ecojet 125

6th June 2017 | Road Tests and Reviews

A game changer for Fiat?     Background In recent years Fiat (under the Fiat Professional brand) have made huge efforts to shake off some longstanding negative brand perception for their van offerings in the UK. An improved model range, some aggressive sales activity resulting in increased visibility within high profile fleets and a rationalised…

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