WhatVan? – Life after Brexit

27th October 2020 | General

Written immediately prior to the arrival of a global pandemic (but with some subsequent updates), in this feature, published in Spring 2020 I considered what a post Brexit van remarketing arena might look like… https://www.whatvan.co.uk/analysis-and-comment/2020/remarketing-life-after-brexit-%E2%80%93-calmer-waters-in-the-used-market

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WhatVan? Used van market review 2019

20th February 2020 | General

Here’s a link to my ‘WhatVan? review of the used van market in 2019 and the outlook for the year ahead… https://www.whatvan.co.uk/analysis-and-comment/2020/remarketing-assessing-the-past-year-and-the-road-ahead

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Guiding Lights…

26th June 2019 | General

In a feature written for ‘WhatVan?’, I talk to industry figures about the trade valuation guides, and ask if they are still relevant in todays market. https://www.whatvan.co.uk/analysis-and-comment/2019/remarketing-guiding-lights

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Insurance – The claim game…

25th October 2018 | General

In the October 2018 edition of WhatVan?, I take a look at what van operators can do to reduce insurance premiums and the cost of claims – both in terms of finances and vehicle downtime. http://www.whatvan.co.uk/analysis-and-comment/2018/insurance-the-claim-game

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